Current Assignments

If tutors are interested in the below assignments, please send me your name, sex, location you stay, qualification, 
yrs of experience, age, race, available schedule to Alice at this Hp:81884256.       
Ref. Date of Levels Subjects Tutor's  lesson Hour/ M/F/ Budget Available
No. posting     qualification  /week  lesson Both   schedule
(1) 07/04/2016 Sec 4 Social Studies & History Moe teacher 1 2h Both   M/Th after 5pm
(2) 07/04/2016 P5 Eng/Math Undergraduate 2 1.5h F   Wed & Sat 7pm
(3) 07/04/2016 NA Sec 5 E Math & Combined Chem Undergraduate 1 2h F $35 Sat morning