When parents confirm the tuition with us, we will send this message to the parents for acknowledging our terms and conditions.

The belows are our terms and conditions:

(1) The Tutor must  bring  I/C , highest certificate & MOE credential (if tutor is current school or ex-sch teacher) to show the parent on the first lesson.

(2)   If you need to change the schedule, please contact each other to change to other date for replacing. Like on holiday, sick etc.

 (3) The parent/student can’t cancel this tuition after we have sent out the details to you. They have to try at least two lesson with payment. If they want to cancel this tuition before starting 1st lesson, they have to compensate $100 for our admin fee.

 (4) The tutor has to teach at least one month. If the tutor wants to terminate it within one month, she/he has to compensate Joyson Agency 50% of one month tuition fee. 

 (5) The parent/student/tutor can’t reduce the number, duration and subject of lessons per week within the first month. If any party wants to change, he has to compensate us the difference of our commission.

 (6) If parent/student wants to increase the number, duration and subject of lessons per week within the first month or future. Parent and tutor must inform us. Then we will charge accordingly.

 (7)  If the tuition is terminated within the first month, the parent/student has to inform us and pay us the tuition fee according to the number of lessons that the tutor has taught . After that we will inform the tutor and share half of the tuition fee with the tutor.

(8) Lastly, parents, students and tutors will consider accepting and acknowledging our terms and conditions that constitues a legal binding contract between the parties after sending their full name, home and email address. Finally, if you have any enquires, please contact me at 81884256 without hesitation.  

Joyson Agency (Registration No. 53135981J)